Research & Development

We, at Black DiamondCarbon & carbon, are on a never-ending quest for excellence. In today's world, innovation is the key word for the growth and success. We comprehend the value of innovation and work towards overhauling and enhancing our core competencies. Through our commitment to innovation, high quality products and excellent services, we have been able to deliver value added solutions to the ever expanding needs of our clients.

We have a fully established laboratory with trained technical personnel committed to research and development. We help our esteemed clients in short listing the type and grade of activated carbon suitable for their product. We collect the sample of their products to be treated and carry out suitability tests by using various forms and grades of activated carbon available with us. These helps us in recommending a particular grade of activated carbon on which our client does the final suitability test and gives the final approval.

We strongly believe that the selection of particular grade of activated carbon should always depend on the actual suitability test on your product rather than going by the different parameters as given by different manufacturers and suppliers of activated carbon in their technical specifications.